Killifish Species of the World

Killifish Species

ARO - Fundulus auroguttatus SIR - Aphanius sirhani


WHT - Nematolebias whitei LUE - Nothobranchius luekei BLO - Aplocheilus blockii

Current Listings of all species

A list of all extant Cyprinodont species, per Huber 2010.

africa - BIT - Aphyosemion bitaeniatum - Ijebu Ode African countries eurasia - SIR - Aphanius sirhani Europe & Asia
n_america - ARO - Fundulus auroguttatus  North America s_america - WHT - Nematolebias whitei South America

Killifish taxa by country

Species of killifish broken down by regions of the world. Use this if you aren't really sure what you're looking for, it's a bit more intuitive.

Aplocheiloidei - AUS - Aphyosemion australe Aplocheilids
Cyprinodontoidei - ABE - Procatopus aberrans Cyprinodonts

Taxa fine details

Species of killfish organized by natural relationships - a taxonomical breakdown. Use this if you know what you're looking for, it's less intuitive but shows taxonomic inter-relationships more clearly.

Huber Killi-Data 2005 species list

A listing of all Cyprinodonts by family, order, tribe and genus.

Before the Continents Split

This is why there are no killies in the far east and Australia.

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