Killifish Species of the World

Killifish Species

Of The World

per Huber

A list of all extant Cyprinodont species, per Huber 2010.


per Eschemeyer

List of all families per Eschemeyer's (Et. Al.) Catalog of Fishes.


Taxa by country

Species of killifish broken down by regions of the world. Use this if you aren't really sure what you're looking for, it's a bit more intuitive.


Taxa fine details

Species of killfish organized by natural relationships - a taxonomical breakdown. Use this if you know what you're looking for, it's less intuitive but shows taxonomic inter-relationships more clearly.

Huber families

A listing of all Cyprinodonts by family, order, tribe and genus.

Before the Continents Split

This is why there are no killies in the far east and Australia. Killifish originated in an area tha was then where the dividing lie betwqeen what would be Africa and North America stands and they radiated outward from there. They never got as far as Australia or if they did were unabe to last in the same way Aponogeton flowers show up in the fossil record in Greenland, Newfoundland and Peru bu they were unable to survive there.

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